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By: heaters4saunasonline.mkt | September 11, 2020

Traditional wood fired saunas go deep to the heart of authentic sauna experience. The incomparably soft heat, lush hiss of steam and relaxing wood burning fire simply feel amazing. However, a traditional wood burning sauna is considered as a heritage that most sauna enthusiasts from all over the world have treasured for hundreds of years.


They have adapted wood sauna stoves in their today’s modern living. The quality of heat produced from wood fired sauna heaters remains unmatched by any other types of sauna heating systems available. Generally, wood burning saunas deliver ultimate level of warmth, and pleasurable sauna experiences.

Simply, you’ll be in awe while smelling the fragrance of cedar wood in your sauna. Most sauna enthusiasts find that wood burning saunas are not only the most traditional sauna forms; but provide so many benefits over electric powered saunas. Here are some of the best reasons why sauna lovers invest in wood fired sauna stoves:

Aesthetics – Wood burning saunas get heated by heaters which are filled with wood. These heaters come with specific heat resistant windows allowing sauna users to see firing the wood inside the heater.

When you see crackling fire in a heater, you will get ultimately relaxing and soothing experience. Seeing the aesthetics of a wood fire adds to overall relaxation and pleasure of sauna sessions.

Convenience – The wood fired sauna stoves don’t rely on electricity for their operation. However, you can get wood sauna heaters installed anywhere even in the remote areas where electricity is unavailability. Even if you want to install your sauna in the outdoor, your wood burning sauna can offer excellent benefits as they don’t require gas lines or electric wires.

Affordability –Do you live in an area where the utility bills go higher? If so, wood fired sauna heaters can ensure significant savings – especially if you get firewood at an affordable cost. Therefore, you should go for wood fired saunas, if you live in an area where utility bills are much higher.

Fragrance – Many sauna enthusiasts love installing wood fired saunas as they fall in love with the gentle fragrance of wood burning that wood fired saunas produce. Use apple wood or other fragrant wood to add natural aromatherapy or relaxing ingredient to your sauna through scent.

Tradition –Earlier, saunas were fueled by wood fires. Even though saunas come a long way since then, many sauna enthusiasts are purists and take advantage of age-old tradition of saunas by using wood fired sauna heaters.

Final Consideration –

When it comes to investing in wood sauna stoves, you should look no further than Northern Lights Heaters4Saunas. We have an extensive selection of wood fired sauna kits, infrared, electric and hybrid sauna kits allowing you to choose from for your ultimate sauna experience. If you want to learn more about our sauna burning sauna heaters, feel free to contact us as soon as possible at 1-800-759-8990! For more information please visit website: https://www.heaters4saunas.com/wood-fired-heaters-c-29.html .

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